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Cinema & History...

This was a huge step for cinema and a landmark in the history of film. Charles Francis Jenkins invented the first patented film projector, called the phantoscope, in the early s. The Lumiere brothers in France invented the cinematographe around the same time, which was a portable, hand-held projector. For visitors curious about the colorful history of the unforgettable Fox, or just itching for a close-up look at the beautiful building, the Fox is pleased to offer tours of the theatre. These minute tours are guided by dedicated Fox employees who relish the opportunity to provide intimate firsthand details about the theatre’s remarkable.Shmuel Gonzales est la preuve vivante de la résilience des communautés immigrées qui ont forgé les États-Unis: ses aïeux Mexicains et Juifs n'ont-ils pas​. The Lyon Musée Miniature et Cinéma is the story of one man's passion for miniatures and cinema, and his dedication to sharing it with a broader audience of. Programme: history - film, cinéma, dvd, suisse, programme, sortie, revues, francais.